Invisalign Clear Braces – The Best Way to Improve Your Smile


At TriState Dental Care, we care about helping you reach your dental goals. For many people, that involves straightening their teeth. Traditional braces can move teeth, but they often involve a lot of discomfort and can draw a lot of attention to your mouth. The good news is, metal wires and brackets are no longer necessary. The Invisalign system is an alignment technology that provides tooth movement with clear aligners that are discreet and removable.

Invisalign Alignment System


This advanced clear aligner system is customizable and provides quality orthodontic treatment. The benefits of Invisalign treatment are undeniable. This is one of the most high tech oral health systems in the world and its available to you at our TriState dental office location! Treatment options can be discussed with our dentist and we can work together to come up with a treatment plan that is prescribed and tailored just for you.


How Invisalign Works


Because Invisalign is so customizable, it can help in very simple to complex cases. How exactly does it work? When you decide to go with Invisalign aligner treatment, you meet with your dentist to receive a special scan of your teeth. From that information, a plan is made to get your teeth moving and aligning exactly as we want them to do.


After that, a series of clear plastic aligners are made to get your teeth into shape. These aligners are made of a special kind of clear plastic known as SmartTrack material. This material is relatively flexible, but always returns to the shape the manufacturer originally gave it. This ensures your aligners will not crack or break and will hold strong as they help your teeth shift into place. Every several weeks, you receive new aligners to help your teeth slowly move into the correct position over time.


Why Choose Invisalign?


If you are looking for an advanced alignment technology to move your teeth into position quickly and without the attention grabbing appearance of traditional braces, Invisalign in the answer for you.

If you have questions about whether Invisalign is right for you, give TriState Dental Care a call!