young boy foot ball player with athletic mouth guard he is pulling out of his mouth

Athletic Mouth Guards are key to ensuring good oral health during any kind of physical activity, and could be of use to you if you’re someone who regularly participates in extreme or contact sports. 


As a dentist with years of experience in providing specialised, effective Athletic Mouth Guards to people in the sports field in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, we know everything there is to know about the process involved in making them. As such, we’ve put together an effective and informed rundown of what they are and why they might be needed below. Be sure to read on if you’re someone in the athletic field, and you’re constantly worried about keeping your teeth safe during your activities. 


What is an Athletic Mouth Guard?


An Athletic Mouth Guard is a simple way to keep your teeth safe during any physical activity that may lead to your head being hit or hurt in some way. As a guard for your teeth, they can absorb any impact and stop teeth from being damaged in many ways, such as being chipped or even falling out completely. 


An Athletic Mouth Guard will usually cover the upper teeth alone, as these are far more prone to damage during sport. However, a mouth guard can also stop lips and gums from being cut or bruised. 


The Process of Creating Athletic Mouth Guards


It’s easy to buy an Athletic Mouth Guard from the shelf of a store. However, having a custom fitted, perfectly personalised set is much better for your oral health, and can only be obtained through asking your dentist. 


Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth in order to make a mouth guard for you. This is done using a special kind of ‘putty’, which will mould exactly around your teeth, and provide a proper picture of how your teeth sit in your mouth. 


Once this is done, a mouth guard will be created using layers of special absorbent plastic, and will be wearable as soon as it comes out of the lab. You won’t have to boil anything here! 


Why Should I Get an Athletic Mouth Guard?


If you’re someone who regularly competes in heavy and/or physically demanding sport, including boxing, martial arts, football, mountain biking, and even just skateboarding, it’s a good idea to have an Athletic Mouth Guard in your bag for general use. 


Similarly, if you’re someone who wears braces or has a fitted bridge in your mouth, your dentist may recommend wearing a mouth guard, on both your top and bottom teeth, depending on where these treatments are fitted. 


Most professional athletes will have custom fitted mouth guards to make use of, thanks to the nature of their job. These tend to last much longer, so if you or a family member are planning to move into a similar field, this is good to look into.