If you’re in need of dental restoration treatments, one of the most frustrating parts of process can be the long wait while a lab creates the piece your dentist is waiting for. You also have to make multiple trips to the dentist’s office before the restoration is finally completed. One of the best things about the CEREC system is that it can reduce the whole experience from many visits to just one single visit.

So What is CEREC Exactly?

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It’s a new form of dental technology that will provide the dental crown, onlay, or inlay you would normally be waiting for from a lab now created in your dentist’s office, during your visit!

How Does It Work?

This machine will take a detailed digital impression of your teeth, then it creates a perfectly personalized filling or crown for you. It’s easy and quick. At TriState Dental office, our whole dental team understands that you’ve got a busy schedule and need faster and higher quality dental care. That’s why we stand behind our CEREC machine and use it to make your life easier by decreasing the amount of appointments and the time you spend waiting for your solution.

Why Go With CEREC?

With CEREC, you receive higher quality and longer lasting dental fillings in far less time. Also, these new and improved fillings are made in a way that results in them being more able to withstand the wear and tear that all teeth go through. They will be able to blend right into your smile and are able to handle all of the normal wear and stress your natural teeth withstand. Because they’re made from a whole block of ceramic versus pressed ceramic and metal, they are stronger and better than fillings made with older technology.
If you have questions about how CEREC works or whether it’s a good choice for you and your dental needs, give our TriState Dental office a call today and see how we can help.