patient getting a dental cleaningIn order to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, you need to make sure you are regularly attending the dentist office. On top of cleaning your teeth daily at home twice a day, having routine dental cleanings is also going to help to keep your mouth in the best possible condition, and to keep your smile looking its very best too. But what actually takes place during such an appointment, and why is it important that you attend it regularly? Let’s take a look at these questions right now.


What Happens During Dental Cleanings?

First of all, you are likely going to have the preparation stage. During this part of the procedure, the dentist will ask you some questions about your teeth and your level of care of them, as well as finding out whether there are any complaints that you have specifically. This helps them to know exactly how to approach the cleaning.

Beyond that, it is time to start cleaning. Often, this will begin with a gum probing, which is simply a way to identify how much your gums may be receding. This helps to determine whether you have gum disease progressing or not, so it’s something that is very good to know in general. It is not painful, despite the name.

After that comes the plaque and tartar removal. The dentist will carefully remove these from your teeth and gum line using different tools, and while there may be moments of discomfort, there will be no pain. The longer it has been since your last visit, the longer this process may take. They might also then use gritty toothpaste to clean the teeth, and begin flossing as well. After that, they will generally finish up with a polish and then a rinse to finish off.


Why Is It Important?

So why should you make sure that you are attending your routine dental cleaning? There are many important things to consider here, and it is definitely not something that you want to overlook. Some of the most pressing reasons are as follows.

First of all, regular dental cleaning helps to keep gum disease at bay, which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and hard to work against once you have it established. Just by cleaning your teeth at home, you are not going to be able to get your teeth clean in the same way as the dentist, so you need to make sure that you are getting them to do this. You’ll also find that it improves your confidence and your smile, and that you are much more likely to be happy with your appearance on the whole.

All in all, your oral health and overall wellbeing will improve with routine dental cleaning. To find out more or to book your dental cleaning with TriState Dental Care, get in touch today and talk to one of our friendly members of staff. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.